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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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LPA sights on CP1-M
My CP-1 LONG:)
CP-1 Fully shrouded barrel
CP-1 in a brocock stock? Can it be done?
CP1 cocking problem.
back order
Barrel band
CP1 hammer spring - replacement Help
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
LPA sights on CP1-M
Bonjour tous !
I have an LPA sight on another gun and I Love it.
Do you think it would be possible to adapt nicely from 11mm to perpendicular dove for the rear sight ? (Counting on the height on the magazine)
Same : did you find any front OF that would fit in the front ?
Because for true, i do not really like the actual plastic rear sight ....

Many thanks for Ur answers
My CP-1 LONG:)
Just a quick update, the shroud is now wrapped with carbon fiber look vinyl, and will probably wrap the gas tube as well... not sure yet. When CO2 runs out will decide.

[url=][img:efcc103fae] ...
CP-1 Fully shrouded barrel
neat looking and in keeping with the pistol
Is it the same as XS501? Came in an XS501 box.
Many thanks
Had this come this morning if it is of interest to anyone.
at the end of this week, we expect the supply of airguns Kandar CP1-M 4.5 mm (.177) with a magazine.  
We invite you to visit our website  http: //www.silesia-

Alice Pendro
Silesia Shop
CP-1 in a brocock stock? Can it be done?
Does anyone own a Brocock pistol and a CP-1, or have an idea if its possible?
Ive been offered a nice Brocock stock this morning and would like to have a go at fitting the CP-1 action into it but its an internet sale so wont get to try it first.
Barrel band
Might be a silly question but would the aluminium band noticeably increase accuracy or is it more an aesthetic thing?
CP1 cocking problem.
I've just received a CP1 from Poland but I can't seem to get it to cock. I presume the bolt should pull back the full length of the breech and engage with the trigger mechanism, thus allowing for the gun to be dry fired. But the bolt doesn't go all the way back and so doesn't cock.

I'm rather underwhelmed so far Sad Any ideas?
CP1 hammer spring - replacement Help;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
back order
hope they will come in soon loosing the will to live
please tell me the wait is worth it Confused  Rolling Eyes
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back order
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Barrel band

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