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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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Front sling position on EXPRESS
CP1 parts
xs 19/18 metal tophat
Remington Compact
Replacement Stock for the CP1 ??
Remington Express XP modifications finished
Replacing front stock screw
New stock 501
air tube to receiver seal wanted
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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Front sling position on EXPRESS
I want to add a sling to my XP but am not sure the best position or way to mount the front swivel.  

If anyone has done this, would they mind sharing please.  

Suggestions also for a front sling mount that rotates 360 rather than simply hinges, and which would be suitable for the XP would also be welcomed.  

Thanks guys.
xs 19/18 metal tophat
When stripped my new XS19-18 it has a metal top hat first time never had a rifle with one before, is it better to keep it or replace with a delrin one.

you never stop learning.
Replacing front stock screw
If theres no connection between the front stud/screw and gas tube band how is the action held in place at the front? Wont it move around because the standard barrelband has a threaded insert that holds the action into the forestock? Theres only one screw at the back of the trigger frame that holds the rear of the action in place. I just got a trrob ali a frame to replace the standard plastic band and it doesnt have a screw hole that I was expecting to screw my bipod stud into for a more secure f ...
Remington Compact
Views please on the Remington compact  in 177 looking to buy and tune.
Replacement Stock for the CP1 ??

I took my new CP1 down to my local shooting club . This was my first introduction to pistol shooting, so I wasn't expecting much ( lol ).
As expected first few pellets didn't even hit the target ( at 10m ).
One of the regulars came across to give me some help, he asked to have a go , to make sure there was nothing 'wrong' with the pistol. Five shots later he had a 10 , 2x9's and 2x8's, so it looks like the pistol works just fine and my original shots off target were down to me and not t ...

What can I say its big at 49" long  its  heavy , but as a bench rested gun accurate as hell  Embarassed  Mad  Very Happy
XS501 Valve and hammer spring mod
Hi! I just stripped my xt 501 so I can strip the paint from the receiver and noticed that my valves exhaust hole is only 2.8mm? Also my barrel port hole is only 2.8mm, would it be worth running a 3 or 3.5mmm drill through both pieces to help the gas flow? I think my rifle may be a low powered one.
Bulk fill
As said previously I am new to co2 air guns. I have a quick question. I have a 501 and I was wondering if any 1 knows where I can get a bulk full cap,and does this mean if I can get 1 that I don't need cartridges. I just fill the gun up from a bottle. Also if this is possible do u need to do any mods 2 the gun? Confused
New CP-1 arrival
Afternoon all,

My Kander CP-1 .22 has arrived today from Poland. Apart the stock being a tad loose (thinking tightening the bolts will solve this) the gun seems very nice.

Do you guy's have any advice of what precautions I should take before I shoot it for the first time any other checks I should make?


any good
Hi like the look of a tyrant are they any good what are the short comings for this gun or is the express a better gun are they easy to fettle
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