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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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XP Safety
Upping the Power
My Custom CP1's
Piston sleeving
Replacing seals
Stock refinishing
My XS501
.177 Express XP
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
Upping the Power
Hi guys, I've recently chrono'd my CP1 in 177 flavour and it's only doing 4lbs even in this hot weather. Is there any way I can get it up to the 6lb mark? I've already given it the usual strip & clean but with no change. Cheers.
My Custom CP1's
hello simon - did you ever get the trigger with the stage 2 mod already done made?

XP Safety
Putting my rifle back together again, and have come to the conclusion the safety catch is s**t.
The detent in the lever has been made with a rounded hollow, but the pin itself is not rounded, but square.
Now if the pin was rounded, at least you would have a positive action as it locates into the lever.
I've measured the bar end and its 3mm, so surely putting a 3mm bb in first, inserting the pin, then spring, with a bit of SM50, and a bit of blue loctite on the grub screw, would help? (This me ...
Halfords comma moly...big tub  6.99?
specialised air rifle moly ?
Has anyone used the Comma and had good results?
I know the more percentage of moly in the grease the better, but we're talking airguns here.
Am I wrong?
Please be gentle I cry easily
Piston sleeving
Hi all
Anyone sleeved their Express XP, and if so, what did you use, and did it make a difference?
Got internals stripped down already so now's the time to do it.
Also, will be using spring that came with gun, only fired a couple of shots.
Replacing seals

Just received  my second hand xs501. Was advised it would be worth changing the seals as it hasn't been used for some time, I have heard Welsh willy seals are the ones to get so will source them. My question is how easy is it to strip the gun and replace the seals, do they need luring and what else is worth doing whilst it is apart?

My XS501
Looks good in black, I think that's the route I'll be going down.
Stock refinishing
Have done search but doesn't seem to be anything here.
Stripped down hideous dark stain on Express XP, and am ready to refinish.
Am torn between Boiled Linseed Oil, Tung Oil, and Danish Oil.
Anybody used these before, and how did they come up?
.177 Express XP
Hi all.
Went out yesterday and bought an Express XP in .177 flavour.
Must admit when I got to the RFD I was expecting a lighter stock colour wise, but hesitation has turned into slow liking of the darker colour everytime I look at it.
Silencer is horrendously ugly, so have ordered a 15mm to 1/2 unf silencer adapter (measured with digital calliper so should be ok) and will get a better looking silencer.
Have fired some felt wads through barrel and they've come out filthy.
Some muck will have ...
How to remove Remington Express safety

Sorry to drag up an old post, specially from a new user. I got into the shooting game a month ago but have stripped springers before.

Has anyone encountered the new system for the safety grub screw?

Seems the grub screw is gone and replaced by a pin, to make things horrible that pin has another pin keeping it in from the rear of the trigger assembly. It looks like a preventive measure to keep tinkerers out, god knows how a service shop would manage.

I have a mill in the shop a ...
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It's a .177 no more
Happy chappy.

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