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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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Buying seals....
xs501 still leaking from barrel .Help please.
XS501 177 power adjustment
De-gas hole.
back order
xs501 2 orings on endcap
CP1 hammer spring - replacement Help
Great service from Poland
my bulk fill XS501
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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Buying seals....
Could someone tell me please where to buy quality seals for the XS501. Asking our friend Mr Google seems to bring up a load of places to buy these, probably one company making the lot. But like everything else in life there must be a place to buy the good stuff. Many thanks in advance....

xs501 still leaking from barrel .Help please.
hi xs501 still leaking from barrel put xs78 seals on endcap  and 2 on outside of vavle {brass bit} is it valve stem seal ? and what is that?
XS501 177 power adjustment
Hi All, am joining the Lincoln HFT club tonight and taking my 501 hopefully to have it chrono'd. If it needs adjustment I don't want to appear a rank lemon, can some kind person here tell me where the blinking heck the screw is please. I have downloaded the schematic but there are no indications of where it is, just screw sizes......
Another question: Opinion on Chrono instruments please?

Many thanks
De-gas hole.
Has anyone worked out where to drill a de-gas hole? My .22 currently has a Porky bulk fill cap but I'm struggling to get a good fill as the only way I can 'purge' the gas tube is to fire a few shots off but I don't find that very effective.... Any ideas from you more knowledgeable people out there?
back order
Well, finally collected my (2nd) 501 on Friday! Thankfully Jonballs had one in .22 at the Oddballs which kinda saved the weekend for me so I changed the order I'd had in with my local RFD (since 16th March) to a .177 and I've already partially stripped it and dropped the barrel in for threading, I should get that back at the end of the week with luck. The .22 was a pleasure at the range today, drilling out the centre of the target every time at 20 meters. It's now fully camo rapped and looking g ...
CP1 hammer spring - replacement Help
Hi,  have  have measured  both of springs from 2 Kandar CP1.... might be help full if people  are ordering new springs.

Spring 1 and Spring 2

Length: 67.7mm     68.7mm

Outside diameter: 9.7mm &n ...
CP1 FTps
Just checked my .177 CP1, no mods with fresh CO2 JSB exact monster at 13.42 gn gave 5.2 ft lbs on a cool 14deg morning. So will it be OK at 20 deg?

1)  To meet current high demands, Weihrauch have contracted Shaoxing Snow Peak to produce the HW95 and HW97.  The first production run of the new SPA HW95 and SPA HW97 - due next spring/summer - will be FAC-rated for the US market and likely distributed by Pyramyd Air.  Expect the sub-12 ft/lb variety to hit UK dealers sometime in 2017...

2)  Due to popular demand and customer feedback, Air Arms will (at long last) be introducing a new medium-weight break-barrel springer at the 2016 SHOT Show ...
my bulk fill XS501
still got to sight it in and make a degasser, and I might have to detune it a bit.
thanks to "stinger" for getting it for me, cheers carl.

CP 1 Problem
I recently bought a CP 1 second hand, It has had a 2 stage adjustable trigger job and a top hat fitted. I am only getting 10 to 12 shots from a cartridge there is no obvious leek from the breach or end cap, Any ideas  bearing in mind I do not tinker with my guns as I am hamfisted but if there an easy fix I might give it a try.
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