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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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501 co2 loss from barrel
who's got an xs501 then ?
It's here.
CP1 problem help please.
Slight power increase?
CP1 home made adjustable trigger
CP-1 Shrouds available now!
Remington strip down in air gun magazine
Archer's end cap back in stock.
New express. 177
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
501 co2 loss from barrel
My car won't do 70 mph!
CP-1 Shrouds available now!
Finally got around to fitting the shroud after finding some 3mm grub screws, looks really good, just have to wait for a break in the weather to get outside and shoot the bloody thing!!

Have yet to fit the spring guide, will have to wait until I get some time to do it. Nice work Tinbum.
Archer's end cap back in stock.
How do I get one shipped here? I emailed them and they said they do not ship outside of the u.s
who's got an xs501 then ?
Just got one in. 22 today, I am amazed at how good it is out of the box

I have had a few 87's but this is much better in my opinion,
Very accurate with superdomes!

Wearing a nikki sterling mildly scope and I am trying to source a silencer (only down side is how loud it is!)
New express. 177
Popped to the local rfd today, and picked up a Remington express in. 177 and I'm delighted

Dieseling heavily out of the box, but one cleared it's a joy to shoot.
Going to chronograph it at my shooting buddy's tonight,

Grouping is pretty good with super domes, I have some aa fields and superfields to try later.

No twangy or rattles very solid rifle and for the money it's an absolute bargain.
my bulk fill XS501
Hi Dave do you only have the one barrel band on the 501 and if so the original one has a screw that holds the stock in place how did you get round this?
Xs501 multi shot
Love shooting this rifle but are we any closer to getting a multi shot conversion for it yet?!
CP1 problem help please.
Thanks for the info Geoff-

My 177 should be with me in a few days, if I have a similar problem I now know where to look!
Zeroing range
I would be happy to share the range duties on the zeroing range.

We get through a number of photo copier boxes, I can flat pack these and save them.

Another option, but harder to supervise, would be to use the same target at different distances to obtain the pellet drop curve for an individual rifle. This would mean moving the firing point backwards.
Could run 4 or 5 lanes at the same time, one shot from each point.
Would ideally use a 'banana box' and A3 sheet of paper.
observations for next year
Think that this will have to be done this year, I know we did it for the very first one, as we had to hire the range, this time, as we're having to hire toilet facilities, the cost of these are going to be a lot higher than what we've had to pay out before (I should think - looking at local hire companies to me, anyway)
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501 co2 loss from barrel
501 tweaks
Remington tyrant
CP1m tray and threaded front sight and silencer
My Custom CP1's
Joined the gang
It's here.
CP-1 Shrouds available now!

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