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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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xs501 power issues
Got my new CP-1
Specific Facebook group
Cart gas going straight down barrel!!
parts for smk501xs
cp1 power adjustments
gas emission,
Front sling position on EXPRESS
CP1 parts
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
Got my new CP-1
Picked up my new CP-1 Pistol in .177 flavour on Wednesday. A really nice pistol and lovely to shoot. I have now got used to the trigger and I am waiting for one of Daves silencers to arrive next week along with a holographic sight. I will post some pictures next week when my accessories are on the CP-1. this is my favourite pistol by far.  Very Happy
xs501 power issues
having bought a combro to test my .22 501 i've got some strange results. I'd had a feeling that it might have been a little lively, but the string of results I was getting was quite concerning. The 25 shot string I tested today were as follows.


what could be causing this wild variation in f/lb? The combro was set up as per instr ...
Specific Facebook group
I am on there too! - lots of good information, well worth joining
parts for smk501xs
Help guys Imade the same mistake as a lot of others when I first used my new 501 and blew the end cap and valve out of the gun the cap is now awol and I would like to get replacement valve and cap but where ? any help is graciously appreciated I have only seen them advertised by T Robb and I am reluctant to venture there after seein posts on this forum. be advised I am a pensioner and know only a little about gun jargon I only got it to quell the rats my crosman didnt seem up to the task
Cart gas going straight down barrel!!
Hi all

A friend of mine has a CP1, It's started acting up!

When he inserts a new cart it started dumping the lot down the barrel, I presume the white (Nylon?) part of the valve has become damaged or maybe the spring that keeps the valve closed has weakened?

He seems to think it's a rubber O Ring that's around 14 or so mm dia and about 1.5mm thick, I've not actually seen the gun or the innards but i've a feeling from looking online that the white part is the seal of the knock open valv ...
cp1 power adjustments
Hi being new to the cp1s i have decided to turn it into a small ratting gun I have bought one in .22 for this purpose... Where do I start with upping the power? The valve and tp ... A longer barrel...bigger hammer preload etc if someone can help me thanks
gas emission,
Are you shooting too fast, need a time gap with co2 guns. If not power goes down a bit. Hope this helps.
Front sling position on EXPRESS
I want to add a sling to my XP but am not sure the best position or way to mount the front swivel.  

If anyone has done this, would they mind sharing please.  

Suggestions also for a front sling mount that rotates 360 rather than simply hinges, and which would be suitable for the XP would also be welcomed.  

Thanks guys.
CP1 parts
Email Julie on for factory spares.
xs 19/18 metal tophat
When stripped my new XS19-18 it has a metal top hat first time never had a rifle with one before, is it better to keep it or replace with a delrin one.

you never stop learning.
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