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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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New AirMaster Pistol
xs501 tips and points to note
CP1/Trophy Pistol Silencer and Shroud Review
Cocking issue (no funny comments)
damaged piston seal
New CP -1k!
SPA's CP1 Arrived
CP-1 Fully shrouded barrel
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
New AirMaster Pistol
Those awesome polish lads (My CP1 is on its way to me!) Now stock a now a new pistol...

Obviously the detail is scant, and I don't speaka da Polish a too good, but it's a nice looking more traditional styled job.
xs501 tips and points to note
Fellow XS501 shooters,

Inspired by previous posts I decided to attempt to improve the horrible standard 501 trigger and share my experience.

I polished both edges of the sear (the sides of the sear that form a "peak" when installed in the trigger unit, shown at the top of the trigger unit in the photo) being careful not to round the edges or change the angles, which was achieved  by rubbing the removed sear on very fine wet-or-dry paper (used wet) on a flat surface.

I als ...
Cocking issue (no funny comments)
My new CP1 turned up yesterday and am very pleased with it.  The only thing that may worry me is that as you draw the bolt back to engage the hammer there is a definite stop in the action  that then requires a greater pull to then allow the sear to catch.  Has anyone else had this or do you think the problem will go once I have polished and cleaned everything up.

Apart from that it appears to be a lovely little back garden target gun.......dom
jonballs wrote:
i have them is stock if anyones about ,bury st edmunds or near diss

What's the calibre Jon, and could you remind me of the price?

been to the gun shop today they tell me smk well under ordered  2weeks till I get mine
still all good things come to those who wait
or so im told
New CP -1k!
The "k" is short for "kurz" which is the German for short, so really it's short for short!
I'm glad that's shorted!

Had some spare time after lunch so I set to work on my .22 CP-1. The .177 is fine at its full length, but I like short guns, and decided the CP-1k needed to be!

The barrel is now 140mm and has been machined so it can be used with the factory front sight, or slip a shroud on for use with optics. Despite knocking quite a chunk off the barrel, it's still kic ...
CP1 Pistol Stripdown
Thanks, Klaus. very useful reference when stripping down the CP-1!
CP1/Trophy Pistol Silencer and Shroud Review
Hi Everyone

Thought I would give you a review of 2 silencing modifications for the CP1/Trophy target pistol that is becoming so much popular lately.

If you have one of these pistols, you will already know that they are LOUD, and not particularly backyard friendly. The two mods I am reviewing are supplied by PorkyYorky, and Tinbum.
PorkyYorky Silencers are well regarded on the UK Chinese Airgun Forum for being cheap, and very effective with most rifles, in particular the SMK QB78/79 CO2 ra ...
CP-1 and Silencers
cable-man wrote:
I think that shroud deserves a post of its own, with more detail Smile

I'll be starting a new thread on here tomorrow with a review of both PorkyYorky's Mod, and Tinbum's shroud   Wink
xs501 99
Hi just a heads up people xs501 new at city air weapons Lincoln 99.
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CP-1 Fully shrouded barrel

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