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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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Remington brass Trigger Guard
CP1 inserting barrel?? aargh!
finally started on my cp1
CP1 Grips
remington express 177
Silesia CP-1 Promo
Taking the twang out.
New CP1-M arrived!
Trigger Guard
Stoke on Trent.
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
Remington brass Trigger Guard
Venoman ( Lyn)has been designing brass bits for the Remington Express and I'm pleased to say that I have just received a brass trigger guard from him.

What can I say! A perfect fit and a superb finish to the guard. It really matches Lyn's set back trigger . He even thought of a slot to give access to the trigger blade adjustment screws. A couple of pics to compare with the placcy offering.
[url=][img:acef65c263]http ...
finally started on my cp1
bit of a change to my original plans

ive fitted a shortened king rat rear bottle adapter made a longer transfer tube and made a new sealed tube plug which the transfer tube feeds
the valve I removed the piercer and machined an o ring groove to seal to the tube but have left it std internally but have added additional fixings
the f ...
CP1 Grips
I see different style grips on the different manufacturers CP1s.

On mine which is a SMK model they seem of a decent quality.

Which makes me feel a tad better as I got mine from the UK and paid top dollar.

Oh and big thanks to Dave for me shroud too

remington express 177
Question  hi , just wondering if you can let me know what are the best pellets for the remington express 177 , thanks Very Happy
Taking the twang out.
Just received my Welsh Willy Spring kit so now able to do the job properly instead of bodging it!  Nice bit of work, Will.  Thanks.
Silesia CP-1 Promo
having ordered one from wales for 130 i found your forum lol and bought one through the link paid 72 all in. awaiting both now. oh .22 both of them.
CP1 inserting barrel?? aargh!
Hi guys.
A work friend has asked me to sort out his CP1.
He chewed an 'O' ring up refitting the barrel.
Couldn't find the right size at work or in my workshop at home.
Ordered the 8.5 x 1mm as per strip down info on here.

Crikey! Its a good job I ordered 10, what a monkey trying to fit them in. Two chewed already.
The old good one I measured at 0.75 x 8mm and that slides in easy, refitted in the barrel.
Anybody else had this trouble??

Really frustrated now.

New CP1-M arrived!
After what seemed like forever - but was probably just over a week - my new .177 CP1 arrived yesterday.

I was impressed by the overall quality. The bluing is excellent, and everything works quite smoothly - although it will be getting stripped down soon for the usual deburr and polish etc.

The grips are quite big, so I'll have to make a plan to make them more comfortable, but it's not something that needs to be done right away.

I went into the garden to chrono it, and test the sights et ...
Trigger Guard
Hi Guys & Gals,
Has any body made a new trigger guard?
Being as I have hands like a gorilla I struggle with the small original guard.
Looking forward to some helpful tips.
Enjoying the site, lots of useful info.
Stoke on Trent.
Would anyone know where to get a 501 from around the Stoke on Trent area?

Quite fancy one.

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