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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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my bulk fill XS501
grub screw in flat part of bolt
Remington Express XP modifications finished
Low powered Expresses
CP1 parts
Cp1m in .22
Power and consistency
Another barrel for the CP1-M??
XS Titan mainspring
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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my bulk fill XS501
porkyyorky wrote:
MarkD wrote:
I am thinking about maybe changing my XS501 into a bulk fill and would appreciate any guidance that anyone has.

Is it simply just a matter of a new tube (solely for more capcity) & appropriate endcap? Then obviously making the necessary fill pipes/taps for connecting the CO2 extinguisher to the gun.


I've had these tubes for sale for ages, which let you fit 4 12g caplets, and the end ...
grub screw in flat part of bolt
Can anyone tell me what the small grub screw is for thats in the flat part of the bolt please? When I got my xt501 it was quite stiff to cock and while I had it apart to clean the chinese poo coloured claggy grease from the bolt housing I noticed a faint line had been lightly scored in the housing interior so I backed out the grub screw a turn and upon reassembly its much smoother and easier to cock, I can't see any use for it other than take up any play between the housing and bolt but surely g ...
has anyone done a hpa conversion on one of these...cheers rob
Remington Express XP modifications finished

Final pic with brass trigger guard added
CP1 parts
Hello Dave, have you still got the filler cap and if so want do you want for it,  I'm thinking of drilling a big hole straight through the middle and having a mess around.
Many thanks Andy
Cp1m in .22
Hi all, I've just ordered a cp1 multishot in .22 cal, what brand of pellet do guys favour for this pistol, it'll be used mainly for plinking in the garden.

Many thanks...Tom
Power and consistency
Has anyone actually posted test results of their CP1? I tested a .177 recently with Bisley Magnums and Gamo Pro Hunter Impact, extreme price difference but similar consistency in power. First 6 or 8 shots on a new cartridge way over the limit then about 25 to 30 reasonably consistent shots within the legal limit which dropped in power by .5 fpe. After that a quick drop from 4 fpe to 2.5 at shot no 40.
Has anyone fixed this, or even acknowledged it? Ok, a weaker hammer spring seems to be the imm ...
Another barrel for the CP1-M??
Most are to long and I am not paying 100 for a barrel from Robb, me being Scottish and tight fisted lol.
XS Titan mainspring
Just ordered one of these for my .177 XP to replace the coat hangar standard one.
Has anybody fitted one to their XP, and if so, can you remember roughly how much you had to cut off, keeping it under the 12ft/lbs threshold?
Remington Tyrant
I was disappointed when i received this gun, as the photo in the SMK catalogue shows it fitted with the Express barrel. I could see that it did not have the Express trigger unit , and i was thinking it could be an Express barrel and cylinder married with the XS19 trigger unit. But its just a XS19 with a ABS barrel shroud and stock.
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