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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
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xs501 auto to manual safety conversion guide
Silencer for XS501
Spring guide
Custom parts for the CP1
But Pad
CP-1 spring de-twanger
Hammer polishing ??????????? CP-1
XS501 Valve and hammer spring mod
Remington Express trigger adjustment screws.
CP-1 Shrouds available now!
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UK based forum to discuss all things related to all Chinese Airguns
Latest Articles
Custom parts for the CP1
Just a few parts that can be made for the CP1 pistol.

Spring guide
20 spring guides and trigger bush kits just about ready

Black Delrin spring guide 5mm longer than std
Black Delrin top hat spring bearing
Brass trigger bush for shorter trigger pull

Should be ready Wed this week 10 posted.
Hammer polishing ??????????? CP-1
Hi All

Having seen some of of the tune ups on here. I am about to strip and relube my CP-1 how do you polish your hammers ?

XS501 Valve and hammer spring mod
Hey Neil.  I'm getting about the same results out of mine, so thanks very much for the post.  I'm not too sure that I trust my skills enough at the moment to carry out the adjustments without messing it up so will probably try to source some spare parts first, so at least if I mess it up then I can at least get it back to normal!  Does anyone have any idea where I can get the spares?

I also just wanted to confirm if this is this the spring (or at least the correct spring) that ...
But Pad
Made a flip flop one for mine.

XS501 Stripped (pictures)
Did you polish the bolt etc?

What parts internally can you polish? I was thinking doing the same as the 78, bolt probe, internally where this slides? The surfaces of the hammer that move and the hammer chamber. And looking for a spring like in your other thread. 😊

Love this little gun just want the best out of her lol.
Silencer for XS501
I just recently got my XS501 and am hoping to cut down the noise it makes by fitting a silencer.  Any advice for which would be the best silencer to get?

I have seen a few SMK one's that are quite cheap, but am not sure if they will be any good, so would like to know if anyone has had any good results from fitting a cheaper silencer such as this multi-fit one:


CP1 Stealth
Been a while but been busy tinkering..

Given myself a new project to design and make a 3D printed grip for the CP1 pistols.

Basic spec is to allow a 2 handed grip, have a larger trigger guard for fat fingers , accessory rail for Laser / Flashlight & be printable in one piece on a basic desktop 3D printer .

V1 now printed ( took 8 hours 32 minutes to print)

a few changes to make but as a first attempt very pleased.

Any suggestions of what you would like the grip to be like are ...
The Verdict?
I'm after one of these in .177 for plinking on the range.  No messing with bulk fill or HPA conversions or stuff, though I'd probably tune it.

So, now these have been put for a little while, what's the verdict?  Worth buying, or is there a better alternative for the same folding?
Remington Express trigger adjustment screws.
Only had this for a couple of weeks but have already mislaid the user manual! Sad   Can anyone please explain what the two adjustment screws in the trigger block are for.  

I don't think the trigger needs tweaking, but I would would like to know what adjustment is available without blindly fiddling - and possibly screwing something up.

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CP-1 Shrouds available now!
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